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26030 High-end bondage suit

Artikelnummer: 260300700198

from EUR 1699,00 inc. VAT   $ 1799,03
plus shipment

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High-end bondage suit

The ultimate fantasy for every bondage-lover:

This suit is the perfect combination of functionality and bondage aesthetics. Lots of belts and D-rings offer unlimited ways of fixation.

A heavy bondage suit with cod piece. Black, made of 1,50 mm thick latex.
Please note, that the 1.50 mm latex sheeting does not have a high-gloss surface.
The reason is a change in the production process of the latex sheeting.
There is no influence on any other chararcteristic, such as expansion behavior, durability or processing.

The suit has the following quality features:

- All belts are made out of two layers of Four D latex with textile reinforcement.
- All metal parts are reinforced with latex from the inside.
- All zips have a zip-guard strip.
- Cross seams, as the arm pits or the crotch are reinforced with an additional layer of latex.

Order information
Due to the thickness of the latex, this model does not come in standard sizes. It is only offered made-to-measure. Please send your measurement form, or, even better, come to our store, so that we can take your measurements.

The made-to-measure service is included in the price.

Tha basic model has the following features:

(In order to see detail pictures, just click on the underlined words.)

Bondage mittens with belt
Attached bondage mittens. With a belt and a D-ring. Made to fix the crossed arms over the chest.

The mittens have lockable zips on the inside, so that they are easy to put on.

Chest bondage belt
In order to fix the arms at the chest, the suit has a vertical bondage belt attached to the chest.

Bondage mask
Attached bondage mask with blindfold, nose tubing and mouth flap with inflatable gag. The mouth flap, nose tubing and the blindfold are attachable.

Lockable back zipper combination
Two shoulder zips and a neck zip make it easy to put on the suit. All zips are lockable.

A codpiece is a removable ‘holder’ worn on pants, kept in place with a snap. Behind this there is a hole for the cock and balls.

Attached latex cock-ring
4 sizes: 40, 45, 50 or 55 mm

Lockable rear zip
30 cm long.
On request an anal condom can be attached under the rear zip. You can choose the anal condom in the drop down selection "rear zip lockable".

Arm bondage belts
Three bondage belts on each arm fixed by a D-ring on the outside of the arm. The belts are adjustable and can be taken off completely.

Leg bondage belts
Five bondage belts on each leg fixed by a D-ring on the outside of the leg. The belts are adjustable and can be taken off completely.

D-rings at the sides
Three additional D-rings at the sides. Made to fix the arms to the body with the arm bondage belts.

Anatomical socks
Attached, anatomical socks made of heavy 1,50 mm latex.

Our sizes correspond with the following shoe sizes:

Size Shoe size
S 40
M 41/42
L 43/44
XL 46
XXL 47

For a surcharge we offer the following options:

Belts for the bondage hood
Five adjustable belts over the back of the head. 20 mm wide. Glued and riveted.

Anal condom
An attachable rear zip with an attached anal condom underneath.

Back bondage belts
Seven 4 cm wide adjustable belts over the back. Fixed with rivets.

Chest zips
A pair of chest zips. Lockable at the slider.

Attached sheath
An extra thick sheath instead oft he cock ring.

Additional bondage belts
Additional 4 cm wide bondage belts can be ordered here.

Please note our warnings.

Delivery costs: Germany: 6,90 Euro, COD: 12,50 Euro. Outside of Germany: see "shopping" in service category. The exact shipping costs will be shown in the ordering process.

  45037 Bondage belt, glued from EUR 39,00  

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