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26038 Heavy latex suit no. 2

Artikelnummer: 26038

from EUR 789,00 inc. VAT   $ 835,45
plus shipment

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Inspired by heavy chemical protection suits, this new premium model is the flagship of the full suit.

1.20 mm thick latex and a total weight of over approx. 4 kg make wearing it a very special experience.

Especially fully equipped with optional gloves and socks OR boots, this suit offers a complete covering of the body from head to toe made of thick latex.

You can choose between three different models of attached gasmasks.

The attached gasmask reinforces this feeling of isolation, but offers a clear view and full perception of the environment.
A sturdy 3-way zipper from the back of the head over the back and through the crotch to the front guarantees easy entry and access as required.
Each mask variant has a connection option for common hoses and filters with 40mm NATO thread.

At particularly stressed points, the seams are extra reinforced.

Included as standard:
- 1.20 mm black latex
- Stable 3-way zipper from the back of the head over the back to the crotch
- Permanently attached gasmask (Please select the desired model and size of the gas mask in the drop-down menu on the right.)

Optionally selectable:
- Firmly attached gloves
- Fixed socks OR boots

Socks or boots
On request we manufacture the suit with boots or socks. The socks are, matching the suit,
made of over 1.00 mm thick latex, anatomically shaped with left and right foot.
Boots and socks are not available at the same time.

If you do not want boots or socks, please select "without" in the menu.

The given sizes correspond to the following European shoe sizes:
S - 41
M - 43
L - 44,5
XL - 46
XXL – 47

Arm cuffs or gloves
Heavy arm cuffs are the standard. Please note, that the cuffs have to be resized for each wrist circumference. We also offer attached gloves made of 0,60 mm latex.

Determining the right sizes
To determine the right size, please measure your body-measurements first, using our simplified measurement-form.
Than you fill out this measurement-form for the heavy latex suit and compare, which size will fit you best.
We can adjusts the length of the legs for free. Adjustments in the length of the sleeves or the torso need to be done by measure. In this case, please contact our customer service.

Delivery costs: Germany: 6,90 Euro, COD: 12,50 Euro. Outside of Germany: see "shopping" in service category. The exact shipping costs will be shown in the ordering process.

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