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Beguiling game for all the senses through rubber / rubber clothing - cool, smooth, shiny and awesome!

Before I tell you another great bedtime story from my somewhat different everyday work, a few words to introduce the topic. Because the terms are already exciting in this special chapter of erotic clothing:
While the gay world almost exclusively uses the term “rubber” for this beautiful material, the word “latex” is primarily used by dominant women. Clothing stores for men sell essentially darker versions of this special cover, while women naturally use the entire colour spectrum with a special focus on bright colours. By the way, we use BLACKSTYLE latex at our workplace at Studio LUX.
By definition, latex is the basic material from which the rubber is made - so the different word usage is correct and owed more to the aesthetic sense of word of both communities. If this information is wrong, please let me know. (

The erotic appeal of this tailor-made ... Pardon: the material is glued to measure, because it nestles perfectly against the body, so that the wearer perceives it as a second skin. For the viewer, this wonderfully contoured and firming material transforms the wearer into a diabolical, anonymous and almost doll-like version of the wearer. In a ranking in the category “clothing as a sexually stimulating object”, rubber takes second place among homosexual men of creation, after leather.
While the dominant ladies latex can certainly give the highest demand rate if there is a full body clothing fetish.
In the current case, where latex is the absolute focus of the experience, a colleague should also be added. The respectable colleague Timotheus offers himself for this. It is a shame that we have to wear masks, because this covers his beautiful young face, but the beautiful blue eyes under the mask then stand out particularly well. As always, there is my preferred variant of the game "straight from the door".


When the client Christian enters the steel room, which has been warmed up by temperature but has a cool atmosphere with the matching latex ceiling paneling, he sees Timotheus and me standing in front of the brightly lit steel cupboard completely wrapped in rubber. The green LED light from the steel cupboard lets the previously polished rubber glow wonderfully sexy. Without greeting, I point to the silicone oil, because there he can now prepare for the session. He's already dressed in rubber all the way to get in the mood, just put on his mask in the hallway so that he can start the game right away.
All he has to do now is rub his body suit a little with silicone oil. It feels like not even a minute goes by and the rubber lover lies in the space provided and is ready to be abused by two masters wrapped in latex as an object of pleasure. We walk wordlessly, deliberately and thus almost mystically towards him and tie him in peace. To check his defenselessness, he shakes the shackles, but without being able to record any notable successes. Again and again we now stroke the rubber suit of the client Christian with our rubberized hands and do not miss an inch of his body.

This rubber-to-rubber massage must feel amazing on the skin, because Christian is already visibly aroused. We open the zipper of Christian trouser rack and pull out his genitals. The zippers on the nipples are now also opened and his cute little pink nipples are hatching at us. I can feel how excited Timothy is when he sees Christian's huge balls. I am more turned on by Christian's moans and that I now have someone in front of me whom I can abuse together with Timotheus to my heart's content. His body, wrapped in this hot latex, is mine now. I love this delivery and immediately attach electric pads to the nipples. Timothy sets about applying electrodes to the client's privates. We switch on the electricity and also don't forget to rub our bodies against it.

I now lift Christian's head, slide a plastic cushion under there so that he can see us positioned in front of the steel cupboard again. How turn on each other and ignore him. The client begins to tremble with excitement when he has to look at this lustful game of the two shiny, masculine rubber masters. Without being able to lend a hand to yourself or to us. The electrodes on his body provide him with physical stimuli - but don't let him orgasm just like that. Our dicks are now also taken out and our acorns are reflected Our masculinity has now also been taken out and our penis glans shiny almost as intensely as our rubber suits due to all the oil. It looks absolutely bizarre when Timotheus's deep black shiny glove touches my cock and vice versa. The contrast between the exciting naturalness of a beautiful dick and the beautiful artificiality of rubber manifests itself here. In addition to our eyes, our genitals are now bizarrely the only human thing that can be seen of us.

We go up to him again with our rods as hard as a rock and hit our manhoods in his face. But he can keep his mouth open wide enough: We don't give him what he wants.
Again we hold him up a bit and I notice how much he enjoys it. How paradoxical it is when the desire for something is more exciting than the implementation itself. But it is so. Try it out yourself - you will usually meet with enthusiasm here.

We increase the current and delight in its positive torments. Timotheus now stands over him with his legs apart and pisses on him without a word. Here, too, the only element of communication can be heard tonight: groans. No words, only the cool, damp rubber and the male genitals are in our perception that evening. Again and again I feel the sweat running down our bodies from the open areas of our suits. Suitable for this game, I now use the milking machine at Christian's and, thank God, it has a T-piece so that I can always leave my prick in the hot, damp rubber throat of the milking machine. Crazy, perverted and horny!

Timothy has meanwhile also unzipped his ass and presses the center of it on the client's mouth. I switch the LEDs to flashlight. In addition to the driving psychedelic electro sound, I hear the two moaning and smacking their lips and delight in the charm of the surreal images that are presented to me by the stroboscopic LED light. What a psycho torture! After many games with the client's body, which he performed with flying colours for us, our dicks now also find their way into the client's mouth. We play with this element for a very long time until Timothy and I have finally poured out all of our body fluids on Christian. Just like us, he gained massive impressions, experienced particularly holistic physical sensations, so that his climax was, in his own words, "heavenly".


Then the mood changes and the urgent need to “be human” becomes clear. The masks on the face, which are usually the most intense, are always removed first and this is usually accompanied by a relieving moan.

Games with rubber usually take several hours because the effort involved is very high. The rubber has to be cared for, so you are busy washing the rubber for a few hours afterwards. In addition, the playing surface has usually been badly affected by all the polish and body fluids and requires longer cleaning. My customer even helps out of gratitude, which of course isn't really necessary. A friendly, funny atmosphere is created. When Timothy and Christian then introduce themselves smilingly to each other with a handshake, it is certainly bizarre, but also somehow understandable, because the personalities were not really present beforehand. That's often how it is in my job: The focus, especially with the fetishists, is on the surface. And that's good.

Text and images with kind permission by
Photos shot on location at: Studio LUX


One of the biggest prejudices about pet play is that it is essentially a sexual act in an animal costume.
This is not necessarily the case (also in my world of experience). Of course, sexuality can be perfectly integrated here, but it is not always a necessary component, or it can simply feel nice without having to have an orgasm. I think this prejudice results from the German sexual education movies of the 1970s, namely the "Schoolgirl Report", where in every episode a foolish teacher felt like trying to jump on a teacher from the closet as a morose stallion. Of course, this type of game invites in particular to ridicule and malice, but we BDSMers should be more relaxed about it, because in comparison every slightest emotion of the vanilla sex was 100 times more often the victim of a variety of jokes.


Ponyplay is the most popular animal game when you talk about petplay, but the expression is usually characterized by much more sensitivity and attention to detail than the previously mentioned example in the schoolgirl report. In my personal opinion, pony play is increasingly to be found in the heterosexual and gay female areas, and dog play is more common in homosexual men.

However, I have no evidence for this, because it is only a snapshot. What do you mean? Let me know your thoughts at One experience is that dogplay doesn't always need a masquerade to work. Sometimes I catch myself or my other vanilla sex partners that somehow purring like a cat when cuddling or grunting with pleasure when hard fucking like a pig. That can be all, the more freedom you allow yourself, the more you can enjoy it.

I really like a lot of game play variations, but of course I take my clients into account. With my loyal Olaf I can enjoy some dog games. Latex suits him so well anyway, there is simply this rubber dog mask from Blackstyle, which somehow everyone in Berlin has, and sometimes a plug with tails in the butt and the dog is ready. The tail not only looks "cute", but also signals to me if Olaf is interested in something or if he is having fun, because then he actually instinctively moves his butt and the tail wobbles wonderfully. Among us: you have to strive for knee pads, because everyone starts off motivated at the beginning and then the knees hurt too quickly - usually when you have just gotten into motion. Of course you can also just walk on all fours, but the knees are always strained.

When we meet, we do not always need to clarify what we are doing because we see each other so often. Then he stands in front of me and says with a bashful smile: "let's shuffle". I can clearly feel how much he enjoys being allowed to turn into a dog. He's more of a cuddly - rather than a sexual type. Simply stroking him and making him feel that he belongs to me - that he is mine means much more to him than an ejaculation triggered by him. And in fact, these feelings can be expressed particularly well through dogplay. Why? Because we talk to (our) animals much easier and clearer. You become "something different" when you open the dog mask: away from the complicated personality, with its neuroses and fears, as well as with its strengths, complex needs and sometimes intrusive thoughts. Into a world where you can just be something simpler, reduced to basic instincts that we still have in common with the animal world. That is really pleasant, because we humans are constantly pushing each other to understand our environment and ourselves in all their complexity - but that requires effort. As a dog you don't need that, you can just let your basic instincts run free, taking their owner into account - of course.
If I compare all of my human dogs that I have had on a leash so far, I can say that I can determine the personality based on the initial and simple "walking of the dog". Your human dog instinctively wants that too, because he has now been robbed of his language, so he wants to express himself in other ways. Some of them fool around a bit shyly, others move and observe as little as possible, while the next one frolics like crazy and feels "perfect".


Of course, I throw the stick and he will bring it back well. He also makes males for me, which as a human dog is of course a paradox of its own, but it still excites me positively. Now body language is required. Olaf keeps going down with his head when he wants to be nice and submissive or he rears up when he sees other dogs. Well, actually he is not really a "rebel" - I still have to train him because his personality is more like the dear "Golden Retriever" and far from the "German Shepherd". But I also want to get out with him, because I confess to being an exhibitionist too. So now he has to learn to listen to his master.

"Olaf, lie down!" My dog lies well on its side. "Olaf, sit up and beg!" He takes on this typical pose in no time at all and his hands dangle very sweetly. "I think he'll have to get dog gloves soon," I think to myself. "Olaf, watch it!" And now he remains in an observing position: the tail in the butt no longer wobbles. "Olaf, more !!!" I say in a very strict tone - his posture stiffens and he looks around very attentively. I am satisfied and caress him. That is his highlight. When scratched, he rubs against me while stroking.

Not convinced of the dogplay yet? Well, then consider this: If someone praises you today, the question is inevitable: "Why is he doing this?", "Did he mean it seriously?" that or is he just flattering me because he wants something? or even:" I know that I have a nice cock, how do you like my eyes, boy? "
In dogplay this is easy to assume by "stroking the head" because you just brought the stick to your master, and I thought it was really cute how you did it and that you did it for me. Nobody has to worry if I say "sit" to you because I want to talk nicely to the other owner, because that's what you do with dogs. They have to be calm at some point, and they know that. I no longer really see Olaf as a person, but I also feel that he is in a different role. Our language is now somehow becoming binary, and once the feeling for the roles is really established, it is the case with us that it doesn't need many games anymore, we can just lie there together. Me with a very loyal dog who has shown me his loyalty, and he is close to his master, where he feels that the master is enjoying his cuddle.

But I also want to take my doggie for a walk - show off something for the others, and I know that my dog also likes to show himself.

The next issue will fittingly deal with exhibitionism, because we will go out together ...

All pictures and text with kind permission by Dominus Berlin.

From TV cozy evenings and latex.

Since most Domina studios are also equipped with rubber, I'm usually able reply to clients' requests that I can indeed wrap my favorites in this stimulating material. In the Berlin studio „Lux“ and Duisburg's „Alten bizarren Bahnhof“ we use latex from Blackstyle, which I find to be the best combination of quality and value.

I personally find the label sexy, which is why the Dominus can be seen wearing it more often than not, and I will deal with the sexy, cool material more intensively in the future. I always find inspiration in the Blackstyle store with its openminded and BDSM-knowledgable staff. This time I purchased a full set of latex restraints. The red version of the body harness was particularly fantastic, not just because of its look, but also for working in the dark – you see everything much faster. I can always try everything out with my trusty house servant Olaf. Since we see each other so often, I can always (ab)use him as my guinea pig. With him, if something turns out to be a total flop, that luckily doesn't kill the mood. I don't like to experiment on first meetings. Olaf can take a lot and I enjoy fixing him somewhere and simply leaving him there.


It's such a beautiful sight to have such a „plastic being“ restrained next to me when watching TV, for example. With every passing minute, made difficult for him in his bondage, he shows how much he's willing to take for me, in order to please me by being decoration. Normally when I'm restraining someone I would use hemp rope that I got from my bondage instructor Ron Hades. But today I want to use these new latex belts.

Actually they are leashes for the collars, but I just use them for fixation. To be honest, I don't quite completely trust this material, and always worry about a rip in the material, the classic mood-killer in a rubber session. Foot, thigh, arm and waist belts are quick to set up. Now I can pull the ropes deliciously through the eyelets on the belts and determine the posture of my slave. Quite simple. The new restraint material is thick and turns out to be much more robust than I first thought, so I get the courage to pull the belts so tight that my boy is stretched to the limit. The fear of tearing the straps turned out to be unnecessary.


For example, a nice "outside role" so that feet and legs meet on the back. Has the advantage that you can get out of it while watching TV. You can then make him stiff from time to time and then generally just "stand" there again, without interruption. I can do that all evening - wonderful. Latex, or as we gays always say - "rubber" - stimulates the senses on many levels. On the one hand it looks so sexy, futuristic, cool and untouchable, and on the other hand it feels that way to the wearer. No material that serves to cover the body lies closer to your skin than latex. This "rubberized tightness" gives the wearer a completely new body feeling, because every milimeter of the body must feel this cool, air-impermeable material. Warming up can also be achieved by wiping your hands firmly, because rubber reacts to friction with heat. Is very exciting with the "inner role", so when your toy has his hands and feet tied together in front of his stomach.

Then rub it over your back and you can warm it up, because the heat stays a bit in the material and therefore on the skin. The suits usually have zippers that expose the anal openings. If your object is now there, you can simply open the zipper and use him. Sometimes just a little or sometimes a little more violently - depending on the mood. The depersonalization through the latex makes it much easier for your slave to degrade into a pleasure object for you, and thus it is easier to pursue your moods and does not need to care about the feelings of the other. Something that is extremely difficult in today's time of dramatic consideration of everything and everyone - we are all trained not to be Egoman or to act like that. Tip: Take another mask over your face and the other one just mutates into a “hole” for you. Trust me, there are thousands of people who like this form of degradation ow. You just have to clarify beforehand. I have celebrated such a cozy TV evening countless times - but mostly it needs a good connection to the game partner. In these situations, the partner's head not only works at full speed, but also for a particularly long time. Therefore, you should already know and trust each other well.


If you do not want to pull long straps, you can simply use the bondage cross to create an inner or outer roller for this game. It's even easier. The advantage of the longer straps is that they are simply quicker to install, in contrast to normal ropes, which always have to be knotted. Here I just “hook”. Although lying in latex is a little more exhausting than just being naked due to sweating, my house slave can stand it better in latex. He probably feels a little more perverse - that's how I always feel. He even broke his two and a half hour record the other day. Something like that makes a master proud!

All pictures and text with kind permission by Dominus Berlin.

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